Yatchies from all over the world dream of cruising the Peloponnese on a classic yacht. The tour features scenic views, spellbinding landscapes, the charming touch of unspoiled nature, tiny little restaurants serving delicious local preparations, and charming, off-the-beaten-path coves. The Peloponnese is a surprisingly spectacular destination of a cruise on a classic sailboat or motorboat. Travelling from Athens to Spetses (7 days) or to Kithira (10 days) on a classic yacht is a dream waiting to come true. Sail in the embrace of the wind, listen to the sound of the waves in the nights spent at anchor, drop anchor in jade green and turquoise waters, fall in love every day with the charming hamlets and towns that pepper the coastline. A dream to experience both on and off board: a tour of the Peloponnese is a journey into the heart of a land that blooms like an ever-changing flower, gracing tourists with the gift of new places and new emotions every day.



Embark in Athens and set course to Cape Sounion to drop anchor at the footsteps of one of the greatest treasure of the Hellenic Architecture: the Temple of Poseidon, God of the Sea. Enjoy your aperitif at anchor, watching the columns of this great gem of the history, turning purple-red under the colours of the sunset, while sipping a glass of champagne... What a perfect start for your trip around Greece!


Set sails to reach Aegina Island, the first and the closest island to Athens. Discover the perfumed pine trees extending to the beach of its beautiful bay or explore the two tiny rocky islets that surround the island, creating a sheltered corner of shallow torquoise waters.


Indulge a little more on deck, under the sun-awning in the morning, enjoying your breakfast tailor-made by the chef on your special preferences, and wait until the breeze pick up, to set sail to Poros Island. Drop Anchor in Russian bay , or enjoy an evening stroll on this magical place, full of bars and restaurant. Choose your favorite one, take a sit and let yourself order a classic Ouzo, the typical aniseed-flavoured liqueur. Relax. You are in Greece!


Prepare to discover one of the two gems of our trip around the Peloponnese. Welcome to Hydra, a peaceful, traffic-free destination where cars are banned and tourists move on feet or donkey ride. Explore some of the best beaches of the island such as Agios Nikolaos, Molos, Bisti, Kaminia, and Hydroneta. Choose your dress carefully, for the aperitive or dinner in one of the restaurants with an astonishing view on the sunset. This is an island with a unique off-key and yet smart style, which has become the most exclusive destination in Greece, for those who want to walk away from the standard.


It's time now to explore the other gem of this area. Welcome to Spetses, the island is favourite of many Greek shipwoners, and considered as their equivalent of Capri Island in Italy. Downtown, cars are banned to preserve the natural beauty of this enchanted island and the only way to move from the old port to Dapia, the main square, is with horse caddies. Enjoy a night away from the rest of the world, at anchor in Zoghiarìa Bay, in the northern coast. The bay is deserted, save for a tiny church lying on the furthest tip of the beach.


Take the morning off to explore the bays stretching between Spetses and Spetsapoula. Lunch at Kaikki Beach, the most glamorous beach of the island and spend the night in Paliolimani, Spetses’ old harbour. And for the aperitif, don't forget to check in the veranda of probably the most elegant and sumptuous five stars hotel you may find in an island in Greece, the Poseidonion, perfectly restored to its original and unique art-nouveau style, which will remind you of the Negresco Hotel in Nice and the Carlton in Cannes. Alternatively stroll around for shopping in some of the cutest fashion shops you may find in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.  


Kick start a perfect day on your classic yacht tour of the Peloponnese by taking off to Kremidi Bay and in the afternoon to Monemvasia, where Malvasia wine is said to be invented. Sleep at anchor in the calm waters in the shadow of the medieval fort.


Set off to Fokas for breakfast and then cruise to the idyllic Elafonisos, with the windy tip of Capo Malea. Spend the night in Frango Bay.


Spend the day exploring the Sarakiniko Bay in Elafoniso. Sail towards Kithira and pass the night on the nearby islet of Makkri (12 miles).

DAY 10

Sailing to Saint Nicholas bay on a classic yacht is utterly exciting. The destination is the tiny beach of Kaladi, Kithira’s most famous bay and one Peloponnese’s best. Enjoy one last afternoon cruise of 10 miles to Kithira’s marina.

DAY 11

End your lovely cruise of the Peloponnese by disembarking in Kithira in the early morning. Transfer to Kithira’s Airport (KIT) and fly to Athens, with your mind already set on your next adventure on a classic yacht.



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