the International Schooner Association

At the 40th edition of the Régates Royales in Cannes, during a reception dinner hold on board the Schooner Puritan, the owners of possibly the greatest group of classic schooners gathered together to join and sign up for the International Schooner Association.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the Owner of Puritan and his captain Simon Pandolfi, this new initiative has the purpose to group the owners of classic schooners under one voice, by representing us towards the organizers of classic yachts events, institutions, the media and in general in all of the instances in which an organized body can represent the interests of a class as a whole better than the single individual.

This is also following the natural trend of all maxi yachts, who have grouped together to represent their mutual interest towards race and event organizers (the International Maxi Association, the Wally association, the J-Class association, the 15m IR Class, ext…)

Furthermore, the International Schooner Association - ISA will promote and encourage the training of skills which allow the keeping and operating of beautiful vessels such as these.

The ten founder members of the International Schooner Association are the owners of:

Invader 1905
Orion 1910
Mariette of 1915
Puritan 1931
Orianda 1937
Aschanti IV of Vegesack (1954)
Elena of London 2009 (replica of 1910 design)
Atlantic 2010 (replica of 1903 design)
Germania Nova 2011 (replica of 1907 Germania)
Naema 2013 (replica of an Alfred Mylne design)

The intention is for the Association to run events specifically and exclusively for classic schooners. The hope will be to build a program and a series such that, as well as individual regatta prizes, there can be an annual perpetual trophy awarded to the ‘Schooner of the Year’.

Plans are already afoot for the first event to be held by the International Schooner Association in Capri next spring 2019. The ultimate goal is to create a new way to entertain the owners of large Classic Yachts.



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