FROM 27/04/2024 TO 28/04/2024

Dames de Saint Tropez

Organized by the Nautique de Saint-Tropez, the Dames de Saint-Tropez is an invitation regatta limited to around 20 traditional sailing boats. A unique event where women take the helm of the most beautiful classic boats in the Mediterranean and a race committee essentially made of ladies.In 2012, the first edition brought toget...

FROM 29/05/2024 TO 02/06/2024

Les Voiles d'Antibes

Organized at the very beginning of the season, Les Voiles d'Antibes welcomes each year, a selection of the most beautiful classic yachts (built before 1976), including the Metrics (6, 8, 10, 12 and 15mIJ...), who have shaped since the end of the 19th century, the great history of Yachting. For most participants, th...

FROM 02/06/2024 TO 15/06/2024

Richard Mille Cup

The second edition of the Richard Mille Cup is expected to be the same combination of passage and day racing  in spectacular venues on both the French and English sides of the Channel, which has proved to be extremely successful in the first edition, last year. The driving motivation is to create a challanging sporting event with c...

FROM 13/06/2024 TO 16/06/2024

Argentario Sailing Week

The history of the Argentario Sailing Week goes back to 1992 when a group of YCSS members organized a classic yachts regatta called Silver Sails. As the years passed the number of classic yachts increased and in 1999 the Argentario Sailing Week was finally born. ...

FROM 14/06/2024 TO 16/06/2024

Les Voiles du Vieux Port

The organizing committee of Les Voiles du Vieux-Port requests the pleasure of all traditional sailing boats presence in the harbor of Marseille, in front of the Marseille City Hall. This regatta includes Marseille in the circuit of the prestigious meetings of the classic yachting in the Mediterran...

FROM 19/06/2024 TO 23/06/2024

Vele d'Epoca Napoli

The Vele d'Epoca regatta, hosted by RYCC Savoia in Napoli, Italy, epitomizes the timeless elegance and heritage of classic yachting. This prestigious event attracts aficionados from around the globe, drawn to the breathtaking spectacle of historic vessels gracing the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Assembled under the banner of RYCC Savoia, renowned for its commit...

FROM 22/06/2024 TO 06/07/2024

Bailli de Suffren

So many important yachts have been intrigued by the idea to sail from Saint Tropez, to Alghero, Carloforte and Bizerte, ending up in Malta, this year calling at Sardinia and Tunisie, such as Lelantina, a John Alden’s like Puritan, Moonbeam III of Fife, the smaller sister of Moonbeam IV, and also Orion, Owl, a Fred Shepherd , the Sangermani Susanna ...

FROM 27/06/2024 TO 30/06/2024

Spetses Classic Regatta

With its glorious naval tradition, Spetses Island could not be missed in the worldwide locations of regatta for Classic Sailing Yachts. Spetses has always kept an important role in the Greek History, especially during the War of Independence. And today it is the favorite location for many Greek shipowners reunions, in the Summer. The Island is also known for having g...

FROM 21/08/2024 TO 29/08/2024

Corsica Classic

Conviviality and sport, elegance and adventure. The Corsica Classic has as a plus for those passionate of classic yachts who love sailing in the unspoiled nature. Corsica is the ideal destination for those who want to escape the usual routes in search of a wild b...

FROM 27/08/2024 TO 31/08/2024

Copa del Rey

Since 2005 the Copa del Rey has become one of the most important event among the Regattas for Classic Yachts. The Copa del Rey reserved exclusively to classic and vintage sailing boats. at its 41st edition the Copa del Rey will host some of the most beautiful classic yachts of the Mediterranean, inc...

FROM 04/09/2024 TO 07/09/2024

Puig Vela Classica Barcellona

This year edition of the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona regatta, will see the reunion of the 12 Metre yachts, celebrating the 37th edition of the America's Cup competing in the waters of the catalan capital city of Barcellona, offering one of the finest spectacle of cla...

FROM 12/09/2024 TO 15/09/2024

Vele d'Epoca Imperia

Since its first edition in 1986 the Vele d’epoca Imperia has always been considered the most important rendez-vous for classic yachts in Italy at the end of the season. Every year Imperia becomes the background of a marvelous fleet of classic...

FROM 24/09/2024 TO 28/09/2024

Les Regates Royales de Cannes

They may be from the America’s Cup, the Volvo Ocean Race, the Mini Transat, or they can simply be offshore or Olympic sailors. Or maybe all of the above. Many sail champions can be seen on the dock during the Régates Royales, ready to take on the helm of a beautiful classic yacht. All of them are passionate sailors and would not miss this top event of the classic ...

FROM 28/09/2024 TO 06/10/2024

Les Voiles de Saint Tropez

If you love racing and yachting in general, you cannot miss Les Voiles de St Tropez, with its new formula of two weeks, including Maxi and Classic yachts, Wally, J class and all the modern cruiser/racers.  Everyone passionate of yachting will gather around the Gulf of Saint Tropez for the final rendez-vous before the Summer end. This year ...