Capri la Bella

Welcome back to Capri. Every time we come back to this island we wish we could never leave. A number of incredible spots to see are available in Capri, the most famous island of the gulf:

- the view from Punta Tragara, next the Hotel Tragara where Churchill and Eisenhower have met during the final days of WWII

- la Piazzetta: it is impossibile to miss the piazzetta di Capri for an aperitif before dinner, sit in front of a glass of champagne and spot so many VIP people trying to hide in the crowd.

- Villa San Michele on the less known part of the island (Anacapri) is located one of the most interesting symbols of the Architectural Design in the early XX century. Bought, owned and rebuilt by Axel Munthe, personal physician to Queen Victoria of Sweden, the Villa reflects its owner's passion for art objects, which he collected from all over the world.

There are so many Restaurants in Capri that it would be impossible to mention just one or two without making mistakes, but these will be our favorite ones  for the next Summer:
Paolino, a very famous restaurant but still with home style cooking where tables are arranged under a sky of lemons, and Monzu, the Gourmet Restaurant of the hotel Tragara, named after a deformation of the French word ‘Monsieur’, which is how they called the chefs working for the Neapolitan Aristocracy, is part of the hotel Tragara and the view from its tables on the terrace at sunset are simply amazing.



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