85' Schooner Orianda same style since 1937

The Main Saloon as of today:Perfect for a dinner in style

The living area of this perfectly restored classic yacht has been refurbished with the same style as original but with the state-of-the art in terms of comfort. So you can enjoy the authentic luxurious atmospheres of a schooner built in 1937, without waiving all the modern comforts such as Air Conditioning, Water-Maker, en-suite bathroom, 220v ext.

the Main Saloon as it was in 1937: same style, same elegance

The Main Saloon as it was when the yacht was launched in 1937. The restoration has taken thousands of hours of researches to find out hundreds of documents and pictures from the archives of yacht clubs, shipyards and libraries from all over the world, to give you exactly the same feeling you would feel if you stepped on board Orianda in the late Thirties.

Modern comfort with unrivaled elegance

Whether you're a seasoned sailor or just starting out, you don't want to miss the chance to enjoy what we call the Classic Yacht Experience on board this elegant schooner. This Summer the classic yacht Orianda is ready to take on new challenges and sail to new horizons.

A romantic week on board the Classic Yacht Orianda

Experience the ultimate luxury sailing holiday aboard the Schooner Orianda. With its elegant design, spacious deck and top-of-the-line amenities, Orianda offers a stylish and comfortable way to explore the open seas. Plan your next adventure now.



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