This time we will sail our classic yacht to explore the Small Cyclades, a cluster of islets that will offer us unspoiled backdrops and absolutely enchanting sceneries.

We will do a lot of sailing and will do many water sports, as usual: wakeboarding, waterskiing, SUP, Donut for the boys, all of the toys available on our classic yachts

The itinerary we have prepared, also includes the island of Patmos. This is a unique destination and we thought it was worth spending two days here. But, remember, it's your itinerary and if you want to stay longer in your favorite island or get there a day earlier… why not?

On the last night we will leave from Patmos and sail to Kos for a 50 NMiles night passage. The morning after you will wake up at anchor off Kos and, after breakfast, you will get to the airport easily and with no stress.

Enjoy sailing the Small Cyclades on our classic yachts



Embark in the afternoon in Athens. Set off for a couple of hours sailing with our classic yacht to Kithnos and it’s splendid bay of Fikadia. Chilling out at anchor for the night.


Spend a day discovering the Bay of Fikadia and Kolona and the stripe of white sand dividing the two inlets. Afternoon sailing to Serifos and the bay of Livadhi where we will drop the anchor for the night: a stroll ashore in the the village or up to the Chora to enjoy the sunset will not disappoint you and your guests.


Day sailing to Paros. Anchoring for lunch in the ‘blue lagoon’ bay of Panthieronisi, worth a scuba diving session, where few archeological artifacts can still be found hidden under the seabed. Night in port at Antiparos; the little village is known for beeing a favorite destinations for some Hollywood actors. 


Explore the many inlets between Paros and Antiparos. The two islands are only half a mile far from each other, in their closest point. This is also a very good spot for Kitesurfers. An aperitif in Antiparos in the evening is a must-do and could well be the ideal end of a day spent enjoying all water toys of our classic yacht.


After a day of waterskiing, scuba diving, stand-up paddle board (SUP) an all other activities, we set sail for a gentle 13 Nmiles cruise to the desert beach of Agiassos and Pyrgaki, on the south west side of Naxos island. Night at anchor to enjoy the sky full of shooting stars.


An hour sailing is what it takes to get from Naxos to Iraklea, Skinoussa and Koufonissis, three little pearls of the sea, surrounded by  cristal waters: the so called Small Cyclades offer an unspoiled background for those who love simple life on a beach, away from hot spots and mass tourism.


Second day spent exploring the other two of the small Cyclades. Skinoussa and Koufonissis will offer beautiful spots to explore, doing scuba diving or SUP, although you might simply want to relax on board and enjoy sunbathing.
After dinner: night Passage to Patmos (50 Nmiles).


Wake up in the morning, anchored off Patmos. Famous for its Monastery of st.John the Theologian (declared World Heritage site by UNESCO), Patmos is today well known to a few group of friends who come from all over Europe, looking to spend some summertime away from the most touristic destinations. After a full day enjoying few of the many beautiful beaches of the island - Lambi, Psili Ammos and Petra, to name a few - our classic yacht will moor in port to let our guests stroll around the town or even go visiting the Chora , in the upper part of the island. Moreover you might want to go and visit the Cave of the Apocalypse, where John the Apostle is said to have received his Revelations.


Another day is worth being spent in Patmos, exploring beaches such as Agrolovados, Kambos or Geranos. A dinner and a stroll ashore, in the evening,  is the ideal way to enjoy the lifestyle of such a peculiar island with your friends and family, and also a perfect way to end your cruise in Greece.
Once back on board, our classic yacht will weigh anchor and do a night passage to Kos while you chill out in the cockpit or just relax in your cabin (50 Nmiles). Tomorrow you will wake up at anchor just in front of the island.

DAY 10

Wake up in the morning in Kos. Few hours are still left to enjoy the many colours of Greece. After lunch, transfer to Kos  Airport (KGS). Sitting on the airplane to home, your mind and your eyes will be full with memories and perfumes of this marvelous and yet unspoiled part of Greece.



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