more than 20 years already!

So many important yachts have been intrigued by the idea to sail from Saint Tropez, to Alghero, Carloforte and Bizerte, ending up in Malta, this year calling at Sardinia and Tunisie, such as Lelantina, a John Alden’s like Puritan, Moonbeam III of Fife, the smaller sister of Moonbeam IV, and also Orion, Owl, a Fred Shepherd , the Sangermani Susanna II,the 15m IR Mariska, the Abeking and Rasmussen Adria and many others.

Since this majestic idea blown by the amber vapors that emanate from the famous Hotel SUBE Bar rampart protecting the rear of the statue of the Bailli, the owners and crew of the most beautiful classic boats passionate about offshore racing, walked in the footsteps of the famous Pierre-André de Suffren, Vice-Admiral of France, Bailli Grand Cross of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem said of Malta and St. Tropez and whose name has just been given to our last French attack submarine.

The fleet will sail south of Sardinia arrival line in front of Alghero. Then one more leg from Alghero to Carloforte before setting up sails to Tunisie  with arrival line at Bizerte.

GOZO and MALTA will be  once again the final destination of this trip to the heart of the Mediterranean and its splendors as our beautiful Var coast, Saint-Tropez, Corsica, Sardinia, Tunisie  and the Maltese Islands.

Unique in its historical significance, naval etiquette and Corinthian spirit, Admiral SATAN's saber conquest has, since the beginning, brought together more than 108 classic yachts in 255 participations.

It is with the support of Yachting MALTA we will celebrate these 20 years at the famous ROYAL MALTA YACHT CLUB with the fleet moored in front.

Today 25 boats have already applied for registration to celebrate.




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