Classic Yacht Challenge Club de Mar Mallorca

Mallorca will start its XXVIII edition of the Illes Balears Classic from 16th to 20th August. The location is the Club de Mar in Mallorca and nobody could ask for a better excuse to set sail to the Balearics in the perfect time of the year, just after the crowdy days of middle of August.

The Illes Balears Classic welcome every year between forty and fifty among the most beautiful and tenderly cared classic yachts Hallowe’en, the Blue Peter and Cippino, plus the 15m IR Tuiga, Mariska, the Lady Anne of Fife and, of course, Hispanic, who plays at home.

Passionate about classic sailing yachts can also charter some of the first motor yachts to follow the regatta before diving in the clue waters of Mallorca, such as Fair Lady, Malahne and Secret Life.




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