Classic Yacht Passage and Day Racing in Grand Style

The second edition of the Richard Mille Cup is expected to be the same combination of passage and day racing  in spectacular venues on both the French and English sides of the Channel, which has proved to be extremely successful in the first edition, last year.

The driving motivation is to create a challanging sporting event with combination through a range of inshore and offshore races. the event has been created by a classic yacht owner for qualifying yacht owners.

it is recognised that the different racing formats will provide very different  challanges for the yachts and the Cup will recognise all round performances through the whole series.



By showcasing a mix of racing formats, the Richard Mille Cup will provide very different challenges for competitors and aims to reward all-round performance throughout the entire series.

June, 2nd - 2024
Welcome Falmouth
June, 3rd - 2024
Falmouth Race 1
June, 4th - 2024
Falmouth Race 2
June, 5th - 2024
Falmouth Race 3 & Prize Giving
June, 6th - 2024
Race to Dartmouth
June, 7th - 2024
Dartmouth No Race
June, 8th - 2024
Race to Cowes
June, 9th - 2024
Arrive Cowes & Welcome Reception
June, 10th - 2024
Cowes Race 1
June, 11th - 2024
Cowes Race 2
June, 12th - 2024
Cowes Race 3 & Prize Giving
June, 13th - 2024
Race to Le Havre
June, 14th - 2024
Arrive Le Havre
June, 15th - 2024
Le Havre Race & Prize Giving



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