at its XXI edition, one of the most glamorous event in the South of Italy

The Vele d'Epoca regatta, hosted by RYCC Savoia in Napoli, Italy, epitomizes the timeless elegance and heritage of classic yachting. This prestigious event attracts aficionados from around the globe, drawn to the breathtaking spectacle of historic vessels gracing the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Assembled under the banner of RYCC Savoia, renowned for its commitment to maritime tradition, the regatta showcases legendary yachts like Puritan, Hallowe'en, and the esteemed 10m IR Marga.

Against the backdrop of Napoli's picturesque coastline, these majestic vessels evoke a bygone era of maritime splendor, where craftsmanship and seafaring prowess intertwine. Beyond mere competition, the Vele d'Epoca regatta celebrates the rich legacy of sailing, fostering camaraderie among sailors and enthusiasts alike. With each hull bearing witness to a storied past, this event serves as a poignant reminder of yachting's enduring allure and the timeless beauty of the sea.




The regattas will take place in the Gulf of Naples, the venue of the event will be set at the Punta Imperatore Yacht Club for Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and Sunday 23rd June 2024 and at the Royal Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia for Saturday 22nd June 2024. The sports program will follow the following schedule:

Monday, June 17th to Wednesday 19th: fleet transfer Santo Stefano-Ischia.

Wednesday, June 19th: arrive and mooring in Forio d’Ischia; registration, measurements.

Thursday, June 20th (CIM Championship): flag raising, team/weather briefing; buoy race.

Friday, June 21st (CIM Championship): team/weather briefing; buoy race.

Saturday, June 22nd (CIM Championship): team/weather briefing; coastal race Ischia-Naples. Prizegiving “Coppa Ventrella” and “Coppa Lattarulo”.

Sunday, June 23rd (CIM Championship): team/weather briefing; parade and coastal race Naples- Ischia. Prizegiving parade and Coppa Punta Imperatore “Pippo Dalla Vecchia”.

The first warning signal will be displayed at 12:00 am on June 20th 2024. On the last day of racing, the last warning signal will not be displayed after the time as specified in the SI.
The warning signal for the races on the following days will be the subject of a specific notice published on the ONB no later than 7:00 pm of the day before the day on which it will take effect. In the event that there is no communication, the same time as the first day will be maintained.
The RC will be able to inform the fleet of its intention to postpone the first departure procedure of the day by displaying the "AP" signal ashore, with a numerical pennant specifying the duration of the postponement. No warning signals will be displayed before 45 minutes after the AP down.



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