Une Flotte Prestigieuse

The organizing committee of Les Voiles du Vieux-Port requests the pleasure of all traditional sailing boats presence in the harbor of Marseille, in front of the Marseille City Hall.

This regatta includes Marseille in the circuit of the prestigious meetings of the classic yachting in the Mediterranean and becomes the inevitable nautical event before the summer... For 4 days these boats steeped in history will race in the bay of Marseille, thus offering passionate about sails and beautiful things a show out of time. At nightfall they will join the wharf until the following morning: visitors will be able to admire the brass, masts, bridges and varnishes of classic yachts like Moonbeam IV, Oiseau de feu, Hallowe’en and many others.

The preservation of the history of Yachting and the international maritime heritage is what motivated the yacht clubs involved to create this special event for classic yachts: Cercle Nautique & Touristique du Lacydon, Club La Pelle, Société Nautique de Marseille, Union Nautique Marseillaise, Yachting Club de la Pointe Rouge. The yachts participating in this regatta were built between the second half of the 19th century and the end of the 20th century. All these classic yachts do perpetuate from generation to generation the passion and know-how of the shipowners, architects, builders, owners and crews and transmit to us their magnificent heritage:

"Vintage" Yachts built in wood or metal, launched before December 31, 1949, respect the spirit of their original plans.

"Classic" Yachts built of wood or metal, launched before December 31, 1975.

"Spirit of Tradition" Yachts built from 1970 using modern techniques and materials, but with a look and style faithful to a traditional or classic project.




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