Milos’ landscape of unique beauty was formed by white, black and multicolored volcanic rocks that have been amazingly eroded by Nature in the course of time. The exploitation of these same stones with the exceptional mechanical and chemical properties will se the degree of the islands’ prosperity from the Stone Age until today.

Milos is also known for the world-famous state of Aphrodite of Milos, that today is at Louvre. It is said that she was found by a fisherman in one of the many caves of the island and after long-negotiations went to the Marquis de Riviere, who presented to Louis XVIII.

When you arrive at Milos, a large bay opens up in front of the bow of your classic yacht. Milos is actually and old volcano and the bay is the crater. The only harbour is on the North East side of the bay, Adamantas, an incredible tiny village of fishermen, from which you can walk up to the Chora, the old town on the top of the island, and enjoy a breathtaking view.



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