A friend of us, son of family of greek owners of flotillas, told me once that although he had been sailing since he was a child, he had yet not see all islands of Greece.
This time we will start and end our trip from an island, instead of the main coast, but will explore a part of the main coast that’s almost untouched by the standard routes.

Our airplane will land at Kythira Airport, the island in front of Crete, on the southern Peloponnese, where our classic yacht is waiting for you at anchor and we will disembark in Zakinthos, in the Ionian Sea. In our journey we will see white beaches where we could walk alone for hours, small harbours where we could find turtles floating among the boats, a bay surrounded by cypresses and olive trees, a venetian castle and much more.
Yes, we are in Greece, but our journey will take us to places that we have never seen before. Because that is what we should do with a classic yacht: explore each time new places and set sail to new unknown routes.



Your yacht is waiting for you at anchor outside Kapsali, ready to set sail to your next trip. Before embarking, take the time to have a walk around the little harbour and you might make a close encounter with a sea turtle floating among the fisherman boats, seeking food. Sail arouund the island and dive into the wreck of a merchant ship who ran aground few years ago, on the eastern side of the island - Diakofti. Night at anchor in the bay of Elafonissos, the first stage of our journey through the main coast of the Peloponnese.


Wake up in the bay of Elafonissos, surrounded by a long white sandy beach. A good swim ashore and a good walk on the beach with your yacht-mates is the best thing to do before breakfast. Prepare to set sail with our classic yacht, which will bring us 25 Nmiles westward, to Cape Tainaro, before bearing to an unspoiled place. Once there, you will find only few yachts at anchor: This is Gerolimenas.


Imagine how Greece was in the fifty. Imagine an old lady opening the door of her bakery in the morning, while an old fisherman cleans its nets after a night of fishing. Imagine to drop the anchor, go ashore and stroll around in a little village on the sea. You walk in the only one taverna on the beach. Your classic yacht is there, at anchor in front of you, among other two or three boats: Welcome to Gerolimenas!


After exploring the surroundings of Gerolimenas with your tender, prepare to sail deep into the Messiniakos Gulf and drop anchor in a little bay surrounded by cypresses and olive trees,  far enough from Kalamata to be  away from the crowdy beaches, but still easy to reach. Kardamili has become home to an emerging community of artists, painters, musician and famous actors.


After a day spent with the community of artists, it’s time to set sail to Methoni and discover one of the most strategic place in the naval history. Its fortress on the sea is the most emblematic symbol of the varied cultures who have set up their base here, in the past centuries: Methoni was in fact an important base of the Venetian Navy, long disputed with the Ottoman Empire who conquered this place twice in the history. Both have left their traces, as you can appreciate from the islamic dome on top of the venetian fortress. Spend the day swimming in the two islands in front the main coast, Sapienza and Skhiza. 


Few miles far from Methoni lies the bay of Navarino, well protected by any weather. That is the perfect stop over to wait, in case the weather worsen. Drop the anchor on the north side and go ashore to explore the incredible bay of Voidokilia, a bay rounded like a horseshoe with white sandy beach.


After a night passage bearing Northwesterly for 60 NMiles, wake up at Zakinthos, a smooth way to gently return to modern reality. Enjoy the lifestyle of Zakinthos by night and relax in one of the many beautiful bays except, if you can, the wreck bay in Navajo, always beaten by cruise-lines every fifteen minutes.



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