The Greek Must-not-Miss Event for Classic Sailing Yachts

With its glorious naval tradition, Spetses Island could not be missed in the worldwide locations of regatta for Classic Sailing Yachts. Spetses has always kept an important role in the Greek History, especially during the War of Independence. And today it is the favorite location for many Greek shipowners reunions, in the Summer. The Island is also known for having given home to some of the most important shipwrights, building the traditional Aegean Classic Schooners, locally known as caiques - which have nothing to do with the Turkish Caiques-Gulets, anyway.
It is to honor this tradition that during the Spetses Classic Regatta, Aegean Schooners and small lateens will be racing alongside with classic yachts, although in a class of their own. This unique combination of three ways to enjoy the classic yachting, with their common heritage and common classical aesthetics, combined with world-class organization, creates every year a memorable event.

At shore, a number of events take place every evening, in the many charming locations of the island: the Poseidonion Hotel, the Kaiki Beach, the Orloff Restaurant, Paliolimani - the old harbor, they all become part of the stage of this unique event, which combines the warmest colors of Greece with the elegance of the classic yachts. Definitely the Spetses Classic Regatta is more and more becoming the event you do not want to miss in Greece, if you like classic yachts.




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